Costa Rica 2001

Day 14 we spent with our friend Mario Perez who treated us to a tour
of his Finca (Magnolia Cloud Forest) high up in the cloud forest.

Where's Mario?

At Mario & Lara's Cloud Forest Preserve, they allow small groups to tour. You can learn more about this preserve and the tours from the Magnolia Cloud Forest web site.

We had so many wonderful days it would be hard to choose the best, if this one wasn't it - it was sure damn close.

When we first arrived, we were offered home baked corn bread and hot coffee. This is a picture of the local woman does the wonderful cooking at the Finca.
After a 2 1/2 hour hike, this FEAST was waiting for us. If you did not hike at all and just went for the food, it would be worthwhile.
Fresh tortillas....yummmeeee

This is Cookie, an 8 month old pup who has the run of the Finca, although after his hike he really did enjoy the nice warm fire.

Guess who wanted to bring Cookie home?

Really, I'm happy to be here - really (even though there is no beer)!!!!
Before we did anything - still when we were all cozy and dry..
Getting ready for the hike. Lisa is inspecting (and supervising) the troops!
We were quite a sight - even Mario wanted a picture of this bunch.
Off we went with parkas and walking sticks.....
over the hills...
...and through the woods...

This is Mario, standing on the root-ball of a fallen tree (100 year old oak). The tree had fallen away from our direction (behind Mario). The root-ball was quickly over grown.

Lisa decided to stay back (read - take a nap) and not hike - so she had everything nice a cozy for us when we returned.

We woke her up.

This is just some of the flora inside the Finca.
On top of the mountain (Mount Mario), where we have our lookout point, called "mirador."
Just a few of the many flowers we saw inside the Finca


Visit the Magnolai Cloud Forest web site