Costa Rica 2001

We got in late Day one and merely spent the night, so let's start on day 2

Day 2 we traveled to Aguila de Osa!

This is our second trip there, we really enjoyed it and wanted our friends to enjoy it too!

Flying into Palamar Sur is an experience. There were six of us with quite a few bags and we flew on smaller planes this time (not our choice). So, we required two airplanes. We (Lisa, Rich and I) landed first in a Piper Navajo followed in this Lake by Bob, Linda & Jackie.


Our approach to touchdown at Palamar Sur - No, that is not a driveway, it is a runway!
Linda checks out the plane after a successful trip. Big sigh of relief!
Unloading at the airport. At least there aren't long lines.
On the trip down the Sierpe River (toward Drake's Bay) we ran into more than one of these (Crocs).
Unlike Disneyland, these are real...
On the approach Aguila de Osa - we pass some of their facilities.
We enter the Ajujitas River to the dock at Aguila.
And here we are again. Paradise.
We arrive at the reception area which is also the bar and dining area.
Their beautiful open air dining area.

This member of their friendly staff accompanied us on many of our hikes and walks.

Aguila (Augie) - could not be bothered to stay awake at this time.

One of the room balconies at Aguila.

There are 14 rooms of various sizes, each with a balcony and private bath.

This is the balcony outside Linda/Bob and Reid/Lisa's rooms.
(Rooms 1 & 2)

This porch had a hammock.

Another balcony overlooking Drakes Bay.
Some of the flowers just outside the walkway to the dining room.

Ajujitas River...

One afternoon while the gals read and napped, the guys kayaked up the river a bit.
We all watched an Osprey bathing and bathing and bathing at low tide, with black vultures sunning themselves on the shore, Iguanas sunning in the trees, herons and swallows, Scarlet Macaws - Jesus Christ Lizards, snakes and amazing insects - even BATS....we didn't need to go anywhere else.

From one of the room balconies - this is another view of Drakes Bay
The beach on the way to town (Drakes Bay)
Drakes Bay Market

Drakes Bay Saloon - Richie & Reid made their way here one evening for a party - without killing themselves!!!

Everyone thought Jack and Lisa were negligent to let them go, like anyone could have stopped them. Those boys.

This Yellow Billed Toucan visited us (just off our porch) a couple times. We saw them flying all around the Osa this year.

Monkeys, (Mono Blancos) visited us in the trees and bushes right outside our rooms each evening about 4:00.

They do not have much to fear so they just make themselves right at home munching on things that monkeys like to munch on.

These are white faced capuchin monkeys.

In the young palm plants, they really like the little berry like fruit.

More Monkeys....

More Monkeys....

They were so cute and so funny

On the roof between our rooms
Even more Monkeys....


We were, after all,"in it for the monkeys".


We highly recommend this place!!!

Visit the Aguila de Osa web site