Costa Rica 2001

Day 5, still on the Osa, we took a trip to Cano Island.
This is the second time that Lisa & Reid have been here.

On our trip out to Cano Island we were joined by flipper and family out on a little vacation too.

We could not help ourselves.
Giving a little bread to the hermit crabs...... watch them go to town.
They did not even need bread - they are so much fun to watch.
Boats out in the cove as we ate lunch - they waited for us to snorkel and took us back to Aguila de Osa
The tide pools where Jack and Lisa did some foot-snorkling....

At Cano island we snorkeled from the back of the dive boat over the coral shores.

Bob & Linda returning to the boat.

Linda climbing back on board

Reid comes back on board