Days 7 through 13 we stayed at Tulemar Bungalows in
Manuel Antonio, just outside of Quepos

The airport terminal at Quepos (bigger than most). I am standing at the end of the runway taking this picture. It was a paved runway but paved a good number of years back.

Flying into Quepos - who is that in the right seat??? Could it be the copilot or a helpful Air Traffic Controller.
We stayed at the Tulemar Bungalows. This is Jack & Richie checking out their bungalow.
Bob & Linda at their bungalow under the beautiful "monkey tail bush".
Inside our bungalow, Lisa standing on the back balcony surveying the landscape.
The three boys on the balcony deciding when they'll have that next beer.
Bob & Linda come calling, with an extra brew - come right in!!!

Right off the balcony, Reid spotted a three toed sloth mom with a little baby hanging onto her chest. Can you see the gray spot in the trees, just to the right of Linda - that's it.

She kept us amazed for a couple days until she decided we were too invasive and moved away.

The sloth
(not a good pictures)

This is where we started each day, at breakfast.

Continental, Typical or American???

Another breakfast shot....

A beautiful fresh fruit plate each day, fresh orange juice, rice and beans.

Pool at Tulemar - we spent a lot of time in here!

Monkeys, yes we saw monkeys. These squirrel monkeys (Mono Titi). They showed up right outside the pool area and put on quite a show.

Mono Titis are endemic to this area around Manuel Antonio and like so many other creatures, are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss.

They hung around to entertain us (or was it the other way around) for a little while and then left. We never saw them there again.
Costa Rican squirrel outside our bungalow.
Cattle and cattle egrets on the road to Dominical.
Local Restaurant in Manuel Antonio - The food was fairly good, but we REALLY do not recommend the place. We left a pair of binoculars on the table and never saw them again.
The people there were LESS than helpful, bordering on hostile.
Local store in Quepos - we bought some supplies!
Fresh pineapples anyone?
Another local store in downtown Quepos.
More storefronts in downtown Quepos
Local restaurant we didn't have time to try.
Hardware store in downtown Quepos - everyone needs a machete.
The sunsets at Tulemar were beautiful......


.....and they came.......
just about the same time, every day.

Did I say we really liked the sunsets?

Okay, that's enough...
After a week in Quepos - this was our ride back to the San Jose area - a Cessna 208 Caravan. More civilized than the smaller planes.


If you like, visit the Tulemar Bungalow web site.