Costa Rica 2001

Day 12 - Mi casa es su casa

Today we drove from Quepos to Dominical
to visit friends - Robin and Martin Rice.

This is the (muy bonita) Rice casa in Baru, outside Dominical, up a hill
(no easy drive)


We headed south to Dominical....the signs, however sparse, along with a map that Robin drew, helped us find our way
The roads were tricky - to say nothing about bridges that cross streams and rivers.
Along the road - picking and loading the palm berries for palm oil.
This is the casita that was built first. Robin and Martin lived here until the casa was completed. They had an absolutely gorgeous house built, really smack in the middle of nowhere (paradise), with no Home Depot, in less than a year.
The casa is to die for........
A beautiful open design with tile throughout.
The natural light pours in and warms everything.

This picture can be seen on the wall above but it deserves a close-up.

It is painted by a Costa Rican artist and depicts typical life in this country. Of the many things in the house that Lisa coveted, this was at the top of the list.

Happy gals on the stairway in the casa....
look at those tiles.

Reid thinks we're just a little too happy now...

(you can't be too happy or too rich)

Lisa, Jack, Linda, Robin.

The kitchen - is this gorgeous or what?
And there are the lady's - in the kitchen...
Inset shelves with with more tile and some lovely objects.
Beautiful master bath.....
Inside, where the master bedroom is.
One of the smaller back porches
And where do they spend the day on hot afternoons?
Nice back yard too!
Then, down the hill to (main street) Dominical....
San Clemente Bar & Grill and Dominical Information Center.
Yes, it was the San Clemente Bar & Grill in Dominical, Costa Rica
home of Spicy Mike's hot salsa!
Good company and wonderful food.



You Break it - Sign It
We'll Hang It
Give You Free Taco & Beer!!

Another shop in Dominical - We think it's the local surf shop.