Costa Rica 2001

Day 10

Today we spent the day on a small boat around Damas Island looking at
all the wildlife in the Mangrove

As we started our cruise up a little lagoon, we ran into this little fella. He was about 10 feet long (including tail) lying in the weeds with his mouth open.

BATS!!!! You can bet we were happy to see these.

They are proboscis bats (Rhynchonycteris naso) that roost near water in a line on a tree trunk. We were told that when the top guy fears a predator, he starts to move sideways and the others do the same and simulate the movement of a snake to scare away the predator.

Their main fare consists of mosquitos and food is PLENTIFUL for them in the mangroves.

With two members of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum bat team, we saw bats, so our trip to Costa Rica was complete!

White Ibis in the mangrove watching us go by.
The guide spotted a Nightjar!
Never easy to see and even harder to photograph.
This is a rainbow crab that lives around the roots system of the mangroves. It is a favorite died item for the white faced monkeys.
Snake-in-the-grass.... OOPS, I mean tree.

And, you guessed it, some more monkeys...

Que linda!!!

These guys jumped all over the boat. There was a roof on the boat and they would run all over the top and peek over the side at you. They were as curious about us as we were about them.

This is one that eventually reached out and very gently took Lisa's hand.

Chalk up some more thrills in the mangroves!

And here we are getting closer until....


....finally we get a touch!