Reid A. Weske

March 14, 1948

In Virginia (1950's) with Richard
Virginia1 virgina2
1954 Graduate Kindergarten
Pages for Queen @ Mardi Bras Ball - New Orleans - 1957
1962 to 1966: Camarillo High School

1966 - 1970 US Navy

Service Number: B818105

1966: Boot Camp - San Diego
1966 - 1968 Sea Duty aboard the USS Topeka CLG8 - (rank E2 and E3)
Mediterranean Cruise - Aug 1967 - Jan, 1968
Panama City, canal Zone - Aug 7 -8
Palma Mallorca - Aug.22 - 26
Athens Greece: Aug. 30 - Sept. 5
Valletta, Malta: 15-29
  Sept. 6-10 Dec.
Naples, Italy: 10-17 Oct
  28 Oct. - 8 Nov.
  Rome Italy: - Nov.2, 1967 - Nov.4, 1967 on leave (touring)
  21 Dec. - Jan. 3
Villefranche, France: Nov. 17-25
Feb 23, 1968 - Jul. 5, 1968 Sea Duty aboard the USS Preston DD-795 - (rank E4)


Jul. 5, 1968 - Aug. 2, 1968 Sea Duty aboard the USS Bryce Canyon AD-36


Aug. 2 1968 - Feb. 4, 1970 Sea Duty aboard the USS Isle Royal AD-29
Jan 13, 1969 Passed test and evaluation to the rank of E5 but did not except due to extend service requirement
1969 - Cruse to Hawaii, 6 months, staying in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and one trip to Hilo Hawaii
Feb. 4, 1970 - Honorable Discharged
1968 - Peter, Reid, Rick & Bob
1970's - Had 2 sons, who took after their father.....
Dylan Gaberial (Gabe) and Jason Damian
1972 Purchased 1948 Indian Chief
1970 - 1981 Worked for Federal Aviation Administration
1970 - 1971 Palmdale CA - ARTCC - GS5
  air traffic controller - developmental
1971-1974 Oxnard CA - VTU non-radar aprch tower - GS 9 to GS11
  air traffic controller - CPC (Certificated Professional Controller) non-radar approach control tower (including Point Mugu) ā€“ certified weather observer for LARWS (Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station)
1974 - 1974 Point Mugu CA - Radar approach control - GS 11
  air traffic controller - CPC (Certificated Professional Controller) Radar certified and train Navy personnel to assume radar approach control duties for the local area.
1974 - 1976 Edwards CA - Radar approach control - GS12
  air traffic controller - CPC (Certificated Professional Controller)
1976 - 1981 Oakland CA - Bay TRACO - GS1 - GS14
  air traffic controller - CPC (Certificated Professional Controller)
1981 - Fired by Pres Ronald Regan for going on strike
~ 1976 - just a happy guy....
1978 - put head out window to eat hail (hail storm - Yellowstone)
1981 - 1983 went back to school to learn computer programming while working part time at CBS Specialty Stores (pacific Stereo)
1983 - 1998 Took a Job as a software engineer under contract for NASA ARC
1983 - 1988 Software/Simulation Engineer
  Designed, developed, tested, and implemented new software utilities for an Air Traffic Control simulation to meet researcher software requirements for evaluation by the FAA.
  Provided design and development of modules (software and database files) for the graphics system which produced a visual model of the geographical area of the desired test site by utilizing windowing tools. Implemented window management software to utilize the graphic interface between the user and computer. Maintained, modified and created software for a real-time simulation primarily using ā€œCā€ language with a mix of FORTRAN, utilizing the UNIX operating system. Wrote communication modules for distributed software for a real-time Air Traffic Control Simulation. Authored and implemented a Software Management Package for software control throughout the life of a project. Was author of a procedural publication to explain new design features prior to implementation into an Air Traffic Control environment.
1988 - 1990 Lead Sr. Systems Analyst
  Was responsible for design, development, support, and maintenance of Real-Time Air Traffic Control Simulation. The project supports the next generation of software to be released and used extensively by Air Traffic Controllers.
1990 - 1998 Program Manager
  Manager of one FAA and three NASA projects: Aircraft Dynamic Modeling, System Administration, and Real-Time Air Traffic Control Simulation.
  Duties include establishing project requirements and goals with the customer (FAA & NASA), that direct activities of up to 20 people. These include teams of Applications and Computer Systems Engineers, Computer System Administrators and Aeronautical Engineers - plus clerical staff, in support of a joint NASA/FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) project called Center/TRACON Automation Systems (CTAS) at the NASA Ames Research Center. Provide direct support to the FAA at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ.
  Creating schedules, coordinating with other users for total system integration, reviewing project status with the FAA & NASA, and documentation creation and dissemination. Conduct project research, design software systems, design and develop application software, and evaluate software tools.
  The simulation system operates in a research and development environment using UNIX on SUN workstations with interactive graphics (GUI designed X-based windowing system) and applications with distributed software. The software communicates through standard UNIX (TCP/IP) and can link to multiple workstations with a standard client/server relationship.
1993 Authored Reserach Paper
  Weske, R. A., and Danek, G. L., "Pseudo Aircraft Systems: A Multi-Aircraft Simulation System for Air Traffic Control Research," AIAA Flight Simulation Technologies Conference, Monterey, CA, Aug. 1993.
1998 - Was accepted and went back to work for the Federal Aviation Administration
1989 - Creatd my own Company "California Web Wise" for developing web sites
1989 - 2007 Worked for Federal Aviation Administration again after Pres Clinton let us reapply
1998 - 2001 Oakland CA - Bay TRACO - GS - GS1 - LH CPC
  air traffic controller - CPC (Certificated Professional Controller)
2001 - 2002 Oakland CA - Bay TRACON - TMC - LI MSS1
  air traffic controller - TMC (Traffic Management Coordinator)
2002 - 2003 Rancho Cordova, CA - NCT TRACON - LI MSS1
  air traffic controller - TMC (Traffic Management Coordinator)
2003 ā€“ 2003 Rancho Cordova, CA - NCT TRACON - LJ MSS2
  air traffic controller - STMC (Supervisor Traffic Management Coordinator)
2003 - 2007 Rancho Cordova, CA - NCT TRACON - LJ MSS2
  air traffic controller- OS (Operations Supervisor)
  Recording of Departures at Bay Tracon
2007 - Retired (CSRS - Civil Service Retirement System)...
...lets go surfin...

Life in Retirement
Starting at 2007
Feb 2007 Moved from Walnut Creek, CA to Philomath, OR
  We bought about 8.5 acres of land in the forest with a manufactured home on it.
2008 Construction

We demoed the manufactured home and had a custom house built.

  .....see the 10 months of the construction project - in less then 3 minutes......



...60th birthday party...


Feb 2011 Trip to Maui


Aug. 2012 Alaska Cruise


Feb - Mar 2014 Trip to Amazon River (Brazil)


November 2016 Trip to Zambia Africa




* * * More to Come * * *

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