Costa Rica 2001

Day 8

Today we toured Manuel Antonio National Park


This is the entrance to the park. They tried to make a bridge over this river at the entrance but failed. They plan to redo it soon.

We saw a LOT of lizards in the park
What a lovely couple - don't ya just love em!!
These two are pretty special too,
Another lizard, Green Iguana.

Rest and cooling off stop halfway through the park.

Notice how tan Lisa's legs are getting.

Any one need to use el bano?
This is a boa (snake) consuming a lizard outside the rest area.
There's that special couple again.
One more Iguana - at least he is not in a snake's belly.
Right outside the park, on the beach - a coconut stand. There is a surprising amount of juice in the coconuts and it is very good.
The beaches in and right outside the park were beautiful.
Vendor along the street selling cool fruit drinks. We were on our way to lunch so we did not stop.
More vendors along the street at the part entrance/exit.
This is where we stopped for lunch.
Bob adjusting his stuff during lunch to get ready for our next adventure.